Yale Conexis L1 Locks using Z-Wave Module - changes are coming, heads up

You can switch back to Z-Wave but if you look at the link I posted a bit further back the method of adding new ID’s gets complicated and apparently the ID’s created using new App won’t work when Z-Wave module is back in the unit - This was the info in the link:

Can I still use my Z-Wave module with my Conexis L1, or do I need to migrate to the Yale Home app?

You can still use Z-Wave and not use our module if you wish. However, if you ever wanted to add or remove tags, you could not do this via your app.

This can be done manually however by using the below process.*

*Please be aware that this involves a factory reset, which wipes all credentials and requires setup of the lock, module and credentials again.

  1. Factory reset the lock with the module removed (Page 29 of Conexis Manual).
  2. Reset the actuator inside the door so that the tail-bar is vertical (see pictures A and B on page 8). Once done, refit the handle and Hand the lock (Page 15).
  3. Scan all of your cards and tags into the lock- when doing this, once you have single pressed the R button- 1 by 1 scan in ALL your Cards/Tags carefully but quickly (you only need to press the R button once to do this). Once you have scanned in all the tags- press R to finish.
  4. Once this is complete, you can reinstall your Z-Wave Module.

We would however encourage you to use our Yale Access Module and Yale Home app. Some of the new key features we have added to the new Yale Home app are:

  • Integrated partners such as Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings & Airbnb. To enable these integrations, you must purchase the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.
  • DoorSense magnet confirms the status of the door of either being open or closed. The Yale Home app will also confirm when the door is locked and unlocked.
  • Share Unlimited access to your door with no additional charges.
  • Over air firmware updates and features can be added to the lock.

You don’t have to do any of that, that’s only if you never buy a Yale access module.

Just put the Yale Access Module in and make the changes needed and then pop the Z-wave back in I have switched multiple times in the last two weeks as I haven’t been happy and keep trying new things don’t even have to rejoin the Z-wave module. The only strange thing is the Z-wave reports battery at 71% while Yale Home is reporting 89%.

Interesting, I’ll give it a try when mine arrives. When swapping back and forth between Yale Access, is it now remembering the old auto lock setting or has this reset to 30 secs?