Yale Assure 2 Lock won't connect

So I’m new to Homey and having trouble connecting my Yale locks. I’m prompted to sign in, everything looks good and homey tells me I can close the window, then the app says there are no devices available. Anyone dealing with this as well?

Are you sure you use the right Yale app. See warning at the app store page:


And check the network settings and devices like Robert linked to below here :point_down:

See also this post. We had the same idea :smiley:

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Yeah I was inspired by that one :grin: But this topic is about Yale locks (didn’t read it too well at first) and is it using wifi or not?
So, I changed my reply to TS.
Couldn’t find Yale protocol info at first…
Ok. It uses cloud according to app store:

I’m using the US app since I’m in the US. I do have two networks but I set all my smart home stuff up on the same one… I’m not totally sure how to even verify which wifi network Homey is using though.

For the Pro 201x you can view it’s IP (and thus it’s subnet) here (same for the Pro 2023 probably):

Or here:

Thanks! I can see that both the Homey Pro and the Yale Devices are on the same wifi network.