Xiaomi Yeelight Candela BLE Lights

This is a placeholder for my “Xiaomi Yeelight Candela BLE Lights” App.

Link to: Official Site


  • Turn light on.
  • Turn light off.
  • Set brightness.

Known shortcommings:

  • No state feedback

Great work!! :smiley:

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nice!! good job !

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One question: i can add the lap, but after including i can’t control it?!
When i add it via Yeelight app, i can control but i have to authorize by changing brightness to control.

Any idea about? :slight_smile:

If another device is connected then you can’t control it. It’s a limitation of BLE. The pairing process of the original app is just giving a false sense of security. (There is none)

“Dim to” does not turn on the lights-
I have to “turn on” and after a delay of 1 second “dim to”.
Still only works half of the time…

And its not turning on or off when i use “turn on ALL lights in the room”. Im guessing its not defined as a light…

Got it working right now :slight_smile:
But i first included the light to the lamp to Homey and after that (because i didn’t got a response) to the app.
I’ll have a look in the next few days

Perfect lights👨🏻‍🔧

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Ill have to look at it. Might need to update the driver

Wow! Looks :+1: good

Hi @Niels!

Thanks for this app! As far as I know, your app is the one and only solution for automate this awesome light source. The issue is that my candelas can’t be added since FW update. Is there any plan to update this app based on the current Yeelight API?



I wasn’t aware of a firmware update I’m afraid. On short term I’m unable to make a update for the driver, it could take me a couple of weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Something that would really help me is knowing the following.
Do the lights show up during discovery?
What controls do/don’t work. or do non of them work? I.e. on/off brightness.

If someone could provide me Bluetooth captures that would help a lot. This can only be done using a android device, something I currently don’t own.

Hi @Niels!

Thanks for your response and engagement for maintaining this app.

Nope, there is no any way anymore to include Candelas after the FW update. I have two, after a while they find each other through bluetooth and synch the light intensity. I already tried to reset both and switch off one while other neither was able to connect to Homey.



Hi @Niels, thank you for your efforts. I am on the newest firmware of the candela and I am able to connect it to homey (4.2.0). But the light itself does not react to any commands in homey.

I had it connected after a reset so it was not connected to the yeelight app.

When connected via the yeelight app, the light works well (using the yeelight app).

Any news?

Is there any plans to update this app to SDK3 to support the new Homey Pro 2023? :⁠-⁠)


@Niels Not sure if you want to update this app to SDK3
I made a PR for SDK3 on request of somebody else: NEW: SDK3 by martijnpoppen · Pull Request #5 · nklerk/nl.nielsdeklerk.XiaomiYeelightCandela · GitHub

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