Xiaomi (Mija) Body Movement Sensor disconnecting from Homey


I have a Xiaomi (Mija) Body Movement Sensor and it works. It’s hacked (solderd) using methods online so it checks every 2 seconds.

The problem is that the sensor won’t communicatie after a few hours, after I’ve added it to my Homey. To make it work again I have to remove the sensor from my Homey and add it again, after that it works.

Is there any solution to not have to add the sensor every few hours again?

I also have a few Aqara sensors and they work great! The Mija one I got was a wrong one send to me, I got a full refund for it :slight_smile:

In the screenshot above you can see it doesn’t make a Zigbee-route ‘0 > 19’, like my other devices do. It only says ‘19’.