Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector


I replaced my old projector with a Xiaomi Mi laser projector, which is better & more modern in many ways.
I used to turn my previous prejector on and off with Homey’s IR commands, but new projectors use a bluetooth remote control, and do not seem supported in any apps (neither xiaomi apps nor homey’s apps).

I am desperatly looking for way to control this projector though homey.

HDMI CEC works to turn it on, but does not turn it off when the source is turned off.

I could use a zigbee power control to shut down the projector. But I am wondering if this could harm the projector. It is a laser projector, so I don’t think it needs to cool down the lamp as older projector do when turned off.

Your ideas are welcome !


Possibly using simple HTTP commands: GitHub - spocky/mireco: Xiaomi GiTV Remote Control

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You’re the man: it does work !

I can power off the projector with this HTTP command:

The first time the comman is ran from a peripheral, the projector asks for permission to allow the peripheral orders. I guess it’s based on the peripheral IP.

Simple and efficient !