[BOUNTY] - €40 - Xiaomi Mi Laser 150" (1080p)

Hi all,

I really need to controll the Xiaomi Short laser Projector. Wihtout this my smart home is not smart.

I will pay 40 Euros for the guy that make this working <3

Some information i know:

  1. I think nativ Android TV (8.1.0)
  2. Has a Bluetooth Remote
  3. Has Wifi and Ethernet
  4. Modell MiProjA1
  5. Kernel Version:

4.9.76 (gcc version 6.3.1 20170109 (Linaro GCC 63201702))
jenkins@ 1015621 #1
Fri Mar 8 12:54:50 CST 2019

  1. Build OPM 8.190205.001.1317
  2. HDMI CEC does not work for Power on & off

Totally off topic: how do you like the projector? Is it any good, do you need to close all the curtains?

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Its a very nice Projector, i always watch in the dark :smiley: i like it, but cannot control with homey …

It has Bluetooth remote. I’m not sure Homey has any Bluetooth solution around…

i think not, or maybe someone can create a driver i pay for that, with WiFi or bluetooth or whatever

Do i need to increase the cash ?


For the mean time while there is no app available, maybe you can try to make it smart another way… I’m using a mi box in my bedroom wich is also running android tv. With a smart plug, when I enable the plug, the box is turning on, and disable it by disabling the plug.
But because it’s running android TV and has a Chromecast built in, you can do a lot more in combination with the Chromecast app for homey. Start a YouTube video or install kodi wich has also an app for Homey. This way you can do a lot allready I think.

What kind of functions are you looking for?

Thank you for your input,

I really need power on/off and input selection

Little push :confused:

Quelqu’un a-t-il trouvé quelque chose à ce sujet j’aimerais vraiment pouvoir commander mon vidéo projecteur avec la homey.
Faisons un Crowdfunding

English maybe?

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