Xiaomi gateway setup


My homey at home is working just fine.
I now want to extend my homey to my vacation home ( I want everything in the same app)

Between my home and vacation home I have a working VPN-tunnel.
I have bought this xiaomi gateway to be able to connect Ikea trådfri lamps, aquara temp sensors etc: xi gate

At the moment I have everything at home just for setup purposes, but will move the gateway to my vacation home when everything is working as intended.

But it seems I cannot connect the xiaomi gateway to my homey
The guide tells me how to find the token for the gateway to be addded in homey, but the steps to get the token is not applicable in my mi home app
Any suggestions?

Does this work with tuya cloud? I have a similar gateway that just registers the devices and makes them findable over WiFi. The gate itself doesn’t show up but the blt devices themselves can be added normally.