Tuya cloud app nit showing devices


Can’t seem to connect my tuya app with homey.
I’ve installed the tuya cloud app and filled my credentials of the tuya smart app but i can’t see any device.

Can somebody help me?

Did you correctly enter the data according to the following steps? Especially CountryCode and Business.

Hi Robert,

I made a new tuya account and it works. The account that didnt work was setup with my google account.

Thanks for the fast reply!

Altough i have 2 other issues :slight_smile:

  1. Can’t link my xiaomi gateway. Ip adress can’t be found by following the directions.

  2. If i sync with google assistant i get ‘missing homey id’

Can you help me here also?

Thanks in avance !

I have no experience with the Xiaomi gateway, and I don’t use Google Assistant, so can’t help :woozy_face:It sounds like the Google Assistant issue is more general (not related to Tuya) so perhaps search the forum for a specific thread about it to ask questions in.

Thank you !

I ‘ll need to change the instruction that google acounts don’'t work. For Xiaomi gatway I just read in an other post that gateways aren’t supported yet, but the hub is supported. Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.8.0 | Test: v1.2.2) - #2706 by Jan_Peeters

Thank you !