Setup Tuya Cloud (blank screen)

Hi! Just installed Tuya Cloud on my Pro. Everything is setup to connect with API to Tuya Cloud. But when trying to configure the Tuya Cloud App in Homey, only a blank screen appears (not any field to fill out).

Anyone can maybe help me out with this?

Thx! :grinning:

You seem to add a device instead of configuring the app…
Hint: Install TC from the app store
When finished, go to Settings
Tuya Cloud app
Configure app

Thx @Peter_Kawa After a Reboot of the Homey, the ‘Configure’ link is now visible. All setup fine to Tuya Cloud. Except 1 odd thing; I can connect to the Smartlife App, but not Tuya the Tuya App. Both are linked in Tuya Cloud. Whe selecting the Tuya Cloud from the dropdown in the Tuya Confi screen of the Homey and click '‘Save’ I get a ‘Error: Error: Code: 1106; msg: permission deny’ respons. Smartlife does safe well. Any suggestions how to get Tuya connected? (becasue all my devices are known in the Tuya App).

Moved all devices from Tuya App to Smart Life App. No errors anymore. Would like to add pool heatpump as new device in Homey. It is not visible unde Airconditiong or Heating category when adding via the Tuya Cloud App. Any suggestion how to get the pool heater visible would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Nice to hear. When you found the Tuya Cloud app forum topic, like I tried to point you

Search in post #1 for ‘RAW commands’
With that workaround you can control almost any Tuya cloud device, and almost any TC device can trigger Homey flows :wink: