X10 switching via flow not reliable

Hi there,

I do have some X10 devices. They work fine. I have the X10.2 app installed on Homey.

I’ve created flows to switch on lights when the sun sets, and the lights go off at 2300 hours. They will go on at 0600 hours and go off at sunrise.
This works sometimes. Now, even while testing the flow, the light only go on, but the off flow test, does not work.
It does say that the flow was successful. I also tried with delays between the 2 plugs.

What could be wrong?


Agreed, please see my screens for info.

As seen here, I have made a turn on flow, a turn off flow, and then flows which are different for weekdays, or weekends. They start the turn on, or off flow.

You say the switching via flow is not reliable,
Just curious,
If you open the standard app - devices view and switch manual it always works reliable both on and off?

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Yeah, you are right, if I open the Homey app on my phone, and switch the switches manually, it works flawlessly… :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

I have lots of X10 devices too.
Had the same issues and have been testing with it for some time now.
Dont think it a homey issue, but more X10 limitations.

Remember: X10 devices are not controlled directly via homey!
Homey sends out a rf signal, this signal is picked up by a X10 receiver (cm15pro or tm15). The receiver sets the signal onto the powerline which triggers the device.
Often the signal is put on multiple times.
This is were the problem occurs:
Homey fires a sequence of X10 commands, the receiver receives these but cant keep up with the speed, signals are “lost in trans,ation”

I have used 2 solutions:
1 Put a delay of at least 6 sec between the X10 commands in the flows
2 create “scenes”: I created macros running on my cm15pro. For example 1 macro switches on all 6 lights in my livingroom. The macro is triggered by a command from homey.

Solution 2 has another advantage: x10 RF can only send relative dim commands (brighter, less bright) but the cm15pro can send absolute dim commands (set to 45%).
So I have 2 scenes for my livingroom. One dimmed and one bright (when the cleaning lady is in or when homey
sets the “alarm” status)

Try it out!
My X10 is pretty stable now. Although I still have issues sometime when multiple trigger are set at the same time (when the timer triggers the dimmed status & somebody walks in the garden triggering the X10 garden lights to go on)

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Hi there,

The increase of the delay indeed solved a part of the issue. Thanks.

I do have flows that enable another flow. See screenshots. The screenshots from my earlier reply show the rest. The flow ‘Garden and frontdoor on/off’ work fine. This flow gets triggered by the flows ‘weekend’ and ‘workingdays on/off’. This is where the next issue arises.

I can’t get the test ‘workingdays’ or ‘weekend’ getting the light on or off. Am I doing something wrong here?

In short: a single on/off flow works, but enabling the on/off flow via another flow not.



I think you are using the wrong action (then) in your flow.

You xpcan do different actions with flows:
Enable/ disable them: disable means they will never be triggered anymore. Enable means they are active

Start a flow: triggers the execution of a flow.

You are using enable while I think you want to start a flow.

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Hi FKey,

But in the dropdown menu of START flows, I cannot find the flows I need. That is why I use the enable function. And the disable if only to turn off the lights. Do you know why there are no flows in the start flow dropdown?

The flow has to have the trigger “this flow is started”

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Hi all,

It looks like everything is working fine (till now). I will keep an eye on the system
Thanks for all the help.

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In case you have issues: i stall papertrail and add the track.
You will probably find out homey was switching multiple X10 devices at the same time at the time you had issues

So my advice is: install papertrail now.
That makes debugging later easier

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