WYFY Beam - Smart AC Controller

Control your WYFY Beam - Smart AC controller through Homey. The WYFY Beam is a low cost alternative to Sensibo, Ambi Climate or even Remotec, which can be added to Homey. You will need to setup the devices with the WYFY mobile app before setting it up with Homey.


Actually, this device not only supports air-conditioner (it also supports TV, AVR, set-top box, fan etc) but for the release now, it only extracts the air conditioner that has been setup in the WYFY app. The WYFY Beam also supports IR learning.

We are working with the manufacturer of WYFY to add other devices type that are setup with the WYFY Beam.


  • WYFY Beam AC device supports on/off, target temperature, mode, fan speed


  1. Go to Settings (scroll down to apps), select WYFY
  2. Key in your user credentials, click on Authenticate
  3. Go back to Homey device page and add WYFY devices
  4. For now, it will only extract air-conditioner devices that is already setup with WYFY Beam
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Just got the beam and set it up with my Mitsubishi electric air conditioner.
Would be great if the flow cards can include

  1. modes (fan, cool, dehumidify)
  2. Fan Speeds
  3. Fan Swing/sweep
    Or at least learned IR presets that can be trigger for specific modes.

App looks promising! Might replace the broadlink with this since broadlink iOS app has been giving me problems.
On another note, will WYFY add Alexa support please?

Please add the possiblity to enable a DIY through a flow.

@viix modes and fanspeed card are work in progress. Fan sweep is not a common denominator across the AC. So it is not possible to implement that.

@Marcel_Wolf for DIY, instead custom to learn from, you can choose TV or Fan to learn from. As long as it is not under DIY->custom then it will be exposed to Google Home and also Homey (currently we only extract the aircon and TV)

Iā€™m planning to get more WYFY beam, and if I choose AC template to learn custom IR, can the flow card apply to all wyfy beam AC device so I just learn on 1 device and it can fire on all beams? So I do not need to learn at each individual wyfy device?