Mitsubishi Heavy Electric Air-conditioner WiFi Module WF-RAC

With my new Mitsubishi Heavy electric Air-conditioner came the WiFi module (Mitsubishi WiFi Module WF-RAC) which uses the Smart M-air app. I know that on this moment you can not connect this WiFi Module to Homey Pro and there is no app available. Does anybody know if somebody is working on this so in the future this WiFi module could connect to Homey.

I also use a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner.
My solution was to have a Switchbot HUB learn the commands from the remote control. The hub is compatible with Homey. This way Homey can control the air conditioner perfectly.

I prefer to use the WiFi card but this might be an alternative.

You could also set up a server with home assistant and install an integration for the wf-rac.

See this integration in development:

Mitsubishi Wifi Module WF-RAC (Smart M-Air) - Home Assistant Community (

Thanks for the information. I also saw this, me be somebody can use this to create an Homey app

Unfortunately i am not a programmer, does someone know how to do this?

I have home assistant running next to homey, i call on the home assistaant integration with webhooks from homey.

So i can turn on and off , heating or cooling and change ventilation mode.

Could you share how you did this?
I am new to HA, I have HA on a Synology docker which is running well and I can control the Mitsubishi from HA.
I installed the HA app on Homey but could only see the outdoor temp, ip, and power. The rest was not compete and is not usable.
If controlling the Mitsubishi from honey with webhooks is working well, I want to know how?


You have to install the wf rac integration from

Once youve installed that you can make some automations

Grtz, edwin.

First you have to create some scenes to make the airco go into different modes, like heating , cooling or off

Then you create the automations with a webhook to call on those scenes.

I could call the webhook from linux with this command :
curl -X POST -d ‘{ “key”: “value” }’–GDaWggosFYteZmbR4u7bJDu ( this is from my own system so dont copy this because yor webhook wil be different)

You need to take this and set it up in a homey flow with a webhook request.

I almost dont use my homey anymore and deleted these flows, i dont exactly remember how i set them up.

Forgot to mention that I can already control the Mitsubishi with the WF-RAC integration in HA.

Actually the solution is controlling the Mitsubishi with preprogrammed scenes, like Homey could do with a Switchbot ir transmitter.

I just have to dive in the webhook part between Homey and HA. Thanks.

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