Mitsubishi Heavy Electric Air-conditioner WiFi Module WF-RAC

With my new Mitsubishi Heavy electric Air-conditioner came the WiFi module (Mitsubishi WiFi Module WF-RAC) which uses the Smart M-air app. I know that on this moment you can not connect this WiFi Module to Homey Pro and there is no app available. Does anybody know if somebody is working on this so in the future this WiFi module could connect to Homey.

I also use a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner.
My solution was to have a Switchbot HUB learn the commands from the remote control. The hub is compatible with Homey. This way Homey can control the air conditioner perfectly.

I prefer to use the WiFi card but this might be an alternative.

You could also set up a server with home assistant and install an integration for the wf-rac.

See this integration in development:

Mitsubishi Wifi Module WF-RAC (Smart M-Air) - Home Assistant Community (

Thanks for the information. I also saw this, me be somebody can use this to create an Homey app