I have an Air Condition/heat pump by Fujitsu/General. The heat pump has an integrated Wifi-module, that makes me control it through an App on my phone.

The App is called FGlair.

I cannot find any way to connect my heat pump to the Athom Homey-system. Do you have any solutions for me?

And how could I request a developer to create an App for this?

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Please read the „Welcome to the forum“ thread. It’s explained in this thread including a link to the right thread.

On a sidenote, you can buy a Sensibo which has a Homey app and use that to control your aircon.
I haven’t tried it myself yet but it should work.

Any luck on this @Martin_Ellingseter ? I have The same system. Best regards Emil

No I did not :neutral_face:

I have a Fujitsu chiller. Fujitsu did replace the FGlair App with a new version called AIRSTAGE. It depends on the WLAN module which you can to use. They are not compatible API wise.

I did a quick implementation that connects to the local WLAN module and can execute (nearly) all the commands the App can do.

If somebody stumbles upon this - GitHub - mskg/homey-fujitsu

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How do I use this?

Is this working still? New Homey user…

Does this still work? I tried to install it but get error.