Woonveilig Alarm system

Hi everyone,

I have had my Woonveilig alarm system installed in the beginning of the year.
After update 8.1.0 of Homey it was not reachable anymore. So tried to reinstall.
But comes up with Internal 500 Error. Tried installing App + rebooting homey.
But that doesn’t seem to work.

Also contact Woonveilig but they also are in the dark regarding this problem.

After a factory reset of my Woonveilig alarm. woonveilig/egardia alarm is not reachable anymore from woonveilig alarm. I can connect via Local IP. Raised a ticket by vendor.
I got it connected on home assistant now. And made a automatization to turn on Heimdall @ homey side.

Did IP address of Homey and/or Woonveilig change perhaps?

I dont know local ip hasn’t changed. Public ip cant be changed. Thats probably the problem but how do i figure out what it Should be?