WLAN, Bluetooth, 433MHz missing in Homey Bridge

When I first installed Homey Bridge, I could add the following device types: WLAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Infrared and 433MHz.

I had to reset it at some point and now all I can add seems to be Zigbee, Z-Wave and Infrared, with 433MHz, WLAN and Bluetooth missing. I cannot get it back. Tried to reset the bridge and re-add it several times. No luck. What did I miss?

Thanks a lot.

You must have had a special bridge before the reset then.
WiFi, Bluetooth and 433mHz have never had a generic inclusion way in Homey, not in Homey pro, neither in the regular Homey (with bridge), they all need a specific app to be installed of said brand.

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WLAN is only available for the bridge to connect to the Homey server, so no local connect to devices.
BLE is available but only when you use an app the supports it, such as the SwitchBot app.
I think 433 MHz has the same rule as the BLE.


Huh, OK that explains it. I thought it had a generic 433MHz function so I could learn it ANY hardware using this frequency. Didn’t know there needed to be a special app for it.

Because this image is from the Homey homepage, it shows all device types possible, and mine doesn’t list them. So I though there was something wrong with it as I knew in the beginning I saw all 6 of them and now I only see 3.

Strange. OK so I cannot use arbitrary 433 devices. It needs an app that “knows” how to deal with the devices. For example, a known brand in Europe is Intertechno they have about everything and it’s very affordable. But I don’t find it in the apps. Need to make one myself or wait for somebody to do it.

Thanks for the information in any case!

Adding Homey generig devices has always been limmited to these 3 : infrared, Zigbee and Z-Wave


FWIW there’s a Homey cloud/bridge section in the app store, so you can check on brands & devices before buying gear.

Yes, I found this and didn‘t find Intertechno there but because I had the 433MHz card I thought it would work generically that I just learn certain commands. That was my mistake. I guess I neeed to wait for someone doing it or do it myself at some point if I buy gear from them.

Thanks Peter!

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You are unable to write your own apps for Homey Bridge AFAIK. You would need a Homey Pro to do that.