Wiser Dimmer switches advanced configuration

I have set up a Fuga Dimmer switch in in Wiser app on the Homey Pro 2019 edition. No Wiser Hub and I would like to keep it that way :slight_smile:
In Advanced settings I can configure what the 4 buttons do. But it is not clear to me eaxactly what I am configuring. They are called Endpoint 21, 22, 23, 24 and I can choose from the followinng options:
Light Inverted
Dimmer Inverted
Standard Shutter
Standard Shutter Inverted
Schneider Shutter
Schneider Shutter Inverted
Light Toggle
Dimmer Toggle

Originally it comes as on and off allowing you to long press for dimming up and down.
Plus 2 scene buttons that are configured as 100% on or off.
Ideally it keeps the original settings on the two first and then allows for a 100% on and maybe a 10% on configuration on the scene buttons. This setup eludes me, and I can’t get the original functionality back. Does one need to use Flows to accomodate this?

Any help or feedback would be much appreciated.