Wireless Rotary dimmer and ”flat” LED spotlight


I have been searching for days. I find plenty, but none with a Homey app. Are there any?


If understood correctly, then You’re searching a Homey compatible mechanically dimmable flat spotlight?
About “flat LED” - i think, there are virtually any device compatible, You just must connect them with compatible dimmer (NB! there are 2 different kind of drivers for LED systems, one based on constant voltage, one on constant current).
About “wireless rotary dimmer” - this sounds like a logical misunderstanding by terms of old-fashioned electrician :wink: What, if the potentiometer is turned to max; the lights are wireless-dimmed to minimum and now The User want’s to add little bit more lights into her life? But anyway, IF You really want a “rotary dimmer”, then actually Fibaro (and i think also some other brands) dimmer modules support 0…10V inputs.
If You want a rotary encoder based dimmer, then… probably a DIY solution - first from google based on some micro-controller ( Not claim, there is no such devices on market, but just i’m not heard about them).


I don’t understand the tech really … I just want something like this: Trust.com - Wireless Rotary Dimmer AWRT-1000 and I want to, via Homey, control something like LEDVANCE SMART+ WiFi Orbis Downlight Slim, CCT | Lamp24.se. Sorry about the Swedish link!


That one’s shown as supported by the Klikaanklikuit app.

Dude! How could I miss that!? Thanks a million!