Will the dashboard evolve?

Hello !

I was seduced by the presentation of the Homey Pro, as I was about to switch to Home Assistant.

But frankly, the only thing that bothers me a lot is the interface. Will a new dashboard be born with the new Homey? Something much more customizable and pretty, with live video feeds integrated?

If anyone has the info, I’m interested.


I follow this…:face_with_monocle:


Short answer, no.

Long answer: Athom usually does not give any timelines nor what they are working on.

The roadmap of the features for the new Homey Pro is a very unique thing, but also very plausible to be extended when the time is there (has happened several times).

Don’t expect anyone to know anything, and even if they do, they most likely can’t talk about it.

It’s a real shame he didn’t mention a new dashboard during the keynote… they may be losing customers, and frankly, in that case, I’m hesitant for my part.

Is there an easy way to make the dashboard evolve, or is it quite complicated? The goal is to get to a Home Assistant tileboard for example.

There are work around to create a dashboard, in my personal opinion - they can be pretty manual to set up - but I find that in my use case it much less effort to use Homey and set up a dashboard manually - then to go through the effort of setting up HomeAssist

Yeah, sure, setting up Home Assistant, and having to fiddle with it whenever there’s a bug, is a lot more time-consuming than making a dashboard on Homey. But I just wanted to make sure that the Homey “tools” were there to make your own dashboard.