Wifi reset apps gone

I’m a long time user of Homey and I really enjoy the almost endless possibilities but oh my…you scared me Homey. Worth mentioning; I use homey Backup.
I had to switch wifi because I had installed a new mesh netwerk earlier. So, to do that I turned the homey upside down like I have done in the past and it started counting down. Nothing new so far.

Now; I did the new wifi and am able to access homey again…but where the heck are all my apps. Everything is restored; the devices, flows, logic, etc. but not the apps. The apps section is stating I have zero apps. As we say in Dutch; “lekker is dat…”. Nice…

Have I done something wrong? I performed the exact same steps I did the last couple of years. Homey went through different internet providers, without losing apps, homey moves houses with me, without losing apps. I don’t understand.

I have around 60 devices in homey and everything is nicely tied together with flows and ‘intelligence’ creating the ultimate automation experience for me but this is my worst nightmare. (all relative of course)

Please help…

Yep, change WiFi but choose keep settings wil just only change the wifi. You would be back up in a couple of minutes.

If you choos reset or restore everything is wwiped and or restored from backup.

Can’t remember I had even an option to only change wifi. But if that is the case…this is bad news.

Guess it is gone wrong just before the first screenshot of the Homey app where it tels everything is up-to-date.

Sometimes another restart might help.