Problems with restoring backup on my Homey (2016)

Hi there,

Currently I try to reset my homey from 2016 to restore a backup. I had some problems with the adapter so homey wasn’t to happy about his powers…
So I selected a few backup options but every time I receive a timeout. Is this a current problem with athom or is my new power adapter somehow restricting this. I could successfully connect to my wifi (with the old adapter this wasn’t possible).

P.s. i have the new homey pro in house, that is doing some of my home automation tasks but not all apps are available so I have somewhat limited functionality

Can you elaborate more ?

Well, you’re past the biggest hurdle.
What do you mean with ‘timeout’. Please use screenshots to clearify.

Do you solely use the mobile app during the process?

To clarify I stopped fixing my old homey, the new 2023 model came in and now in the process to get everything working on that homey. The old one is still not fixed but a friend will try to use it.