WIFI motion sensor

Is there a WIFI motion sensor that works with Honey?
Needed for the cabin without any need for extra hardware.

Tuya / SmartLife and such.
If quick response is key, do keep in mind they take up to 6 - 7 seconds to send the actual status.
This is because of battery saving sleep mode. It just takes a while before it can access wifi when ‘awakening’.
Zigbee / zwave sensors however, can send their status right after sleep mode

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Will all Tuya SmartLife WIFI work (there are different versions)?
This one for example?

Yes, with the Tuya Cloud app, ~95% chance.
If it’s not directly add-able as device, or if it doesn’t function right, you can always use the ‘RAW commands’ feature. It’s Tuya’s way of MQTT.

All howto’s are to be found at the first post of the Tuya Cloud app topic.

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