Which Magic Home device to buy?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently thinking about installing led strips in profiles in the ceiling. There are a few things to consider and maybe these are dumb questions, but it is still better asked then assume.
I shall connect multiple led strips up to 9 meter. The led strip (24v 5-pin RGBWW 5050 120led p/m, max 28w p/m) is on its way. I shall connect these with a suitable power source (24v 300W) and preferably a 5-pin Magic Home Wifi Driver so I can control the led with the Magic Home app in Homey.

If I consider the specs of the Magic Home wifi device, the max power I discovered was 100w, which is not enough for the longest LED strip (9 x 28w = 252w). I prefer not to install more than one Magic Home device for the same led strip and I do not want to experiment either because of, for example, the risk of a fire hazard.

Does anyone have experience with the Magic Home wifi device with a long >100W led Strip?