MagicHome Basics

Hi everybody,
I am using the MagicHome app with MagicHome bulbs and LED stripes without problem. Now I found the Hormey app and I would like to try it. So downloaded it, did reset one of the bulbs but didn’t work. Hormey-SetupXXXX is not showing up so also tried the standard one from the LEDnet-xxxxx I used to set it up with the MagicHome app but no success. Then I found on apps.homey the MagicHome WIFI app and thought that it might need this one but when I try to install it it says "no device found. I am a bit lost here and any help is appreciated.
Thanks and regards from Switzerland,

No, not yet. I first want to try out the app with my existing MagicHome devices and if I like it we will see…

So you want to install an app on a device you don’t have? Not sure how that would work, but I can tell you, it won’t, it is like riding in a car without the car itself.
Homey is a hardware platform, not just software.

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Thank you for the feedback and I understand now that the app is only for Homey devices but I would appreciate if you also have some feedback for my main problem and this is how to control/link my MagicHome devices with the Homey app…

Start by buying a Homey.

Oh, thanks and got it! Thought that it is possible just with the app and without a Homey device. So I will continue using the MagicHome app.