Which LightSensor to trust


I now have 2 light sensors next to each other, both ‘looking’ in the same direction.

The top one is the Aeon Multisensor 6, the bottom one is the Fibaro MultiSensor (Eye).
There is a significant difference in the numbers of lux that are measured.

Which one should I trust?

That is a big difference, indeed. Other than just getting different opinions here, maybe you should borrow a photometer.

I was thinking the same thing…
Let’s see if there are some real photographers within my ring of friends…

Odd that they both are so similar. Once you figure out which one is ‘right’ hopefully its just a math error and the other can easily be fixed.

I would warn about buying a third smart home device to figure out which one is correct. Thats how I ended up with 4 brands of thermometer in my Lounge, none of which are the same.

That is not something I plan to do… :smirk: