Which interface to do what?

I am fairly new to Homey and struggling to work out what screen I should be using for what.

I am hoping there is a flowchart/map of functionality and how to get to it.

I find myself sitting a computer with an iPad or iPhone switching between devices to do different things

For example

  1. To restart an App - go to iOS device Homey App
  2. To edit an Advanced Flow go to computer and use browser
  3. Rename a Device return to the iOS App
  4. Use Insights to combine multiple devices histories into one graph (+Add Chart) return to Web interface
  5. To view energy consumption/Battery levels using Energy Tab return to iOS App

In the Web interface you get All Devices have Status Indicators, in iOS Most but not all Devices show Status indicators

I am sure there are many more of these.

Is there a guide/Map/Flowchart?

Must admit much easier now I can run the iOS App on my Mac desktop alongside the Desktop Web App and have a big enough screen to put them side by side.

But wish there was more consistency as it would improve the user experience.

Or am I just missing something really obvious?

Well, on some level this is how it is at the time.
However, you can rename and move a device in the web interface by right clicking on it.

Advanced flows are web interface only.
App configuration is app only.
Insights are web interface only.
All status indicators on one tile is web interface only.

I believe the web interface is still in beta, and I assume all functionality will be available there on some point.

Some functionality, like advanced flows and insights, in my opinion would not function well on a smaller screen, so I doubt those will be implemented in the app.

A lot of the app settings also can be done on the developer page.

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If I use the Insights Web interface on iOS App it is different from the Web interface using the iOS App on my desktop, the desktop one allows you to overlay multiple devices in one graph.

Oh and how wish you could save those multi graphs……… if you could I would have a good overview of house heating/ elec consumption , temp etc

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For (accurate) graphs, consider installing Influxdb. (Little) external server needed tho.
Insights graphs gets compacted over time (less meaurepoints, averaged values), so only recent values are really accurate.

Nice, Will definitely try but has to Get Hue App working reliably and find a way to stopping Homey from going off 30-40 times a day.

And yes I have performed all recommended networking stuff and loads more, :slight_smile:

The current suggestion is that its the the Hue App that is causing Homey networking issues, loathed to lose Hue as I would lose over 80 bulbs and 20 motion/temp/luminance sensors that have bee 100 % solid for the last few years and are now only unstable when connected to Homey for some reason.

So have been reducing loading on Hue Hubs, ie disconnecting the hue Hubs from Homekit and other Home Automation integrations

Nice idea and very much appreciated but on my install I can only manage a subset of Apps using Developer Page :frowning:

I am starting o understand why Homey report that so few users use iPads.

Homey’s web interface is awful on an iPad.

It has little to do with size, I am using a 12.9” iPad which is bigger than my laptop display and higher resolution.

It is not an issue with browser, I am using both Chrome and Safari, both have issues trying to click on menus that only appear for milliseconds, or right clicking.

I am constantly jumping back and forth between the App and the webpage, and then have to go to my office to do something that can only be performed on a computer, Advanced Flows….

I am loving Homey, but between the lockups, crashes, interface/device jumping, it is much more of a chore than it should be.

Homey is soooooooo close to being great instead it is just good, even better if I don’t have to do tasks multiple times each day because Homey lost the last change during the frequent lockups.

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