Which humidifier is fully integrated in Homey?

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I’m considering to buy 2 humidifiers for my house but I would like to have a 100% integration with Homey. Water tank level reading (or at least “empty tank” notification) would be a plus. Appreciated also the function “hot” or “cold” steam Price range indicatively 80-120€ each.

I have an Inventor dehumidifier (Midea brand) but unfortunately at today it’s not supported by Homey; for this reason I’m asking your suggestions to buy a suitable humidifier.

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I build in a aqara watersensor to measure waterlevel. Works great.

For humidifiers: also take a look at “air washers”.

  • Their capacity is less (but more then enough for creating normal humidity)
  • but they last longer since they are not sensitive to calcify.
    Ultrasonic and steam humidifier will soon calcify and stop working
  • and no risk on adding too much moisture

I’m not sure what size you are looking for but the SwitchBot Humidifier is compatible with Homey.

Thanks FKey,

I didn’t know this type of device. They seem to be much more expensive than a “traditional” humidifier. I have some air purifiers (Xiaomi and built-in in Daikin aircon splits).
Anyway I keep it in consideration, thank you!

Thanks Adrian,

I have 2 floors about 80-90 sqm each, but it would be sufficient to reestablish a correct humidity in the base floor (at least living room) and in the bedroom.
Thank you for your advice, I will consider the suggested device.

That is correct, but it really pays off
I owned a ultrasonic and a steam humidifier. Both died because of calcifying just after guarantee.
My current washer has been running for over 13 years now without any issues.

And the washer has more advantages:

  1. it washes the air.
    Particles in the air are captured and washed into the basin.
    It cleans the air.
    You can see it when you clean the basin once in a while
  2. Its silent: the ultrasonic has a low buzz and the steamer you can hear blowing
  3. The steam version is risky for children (hot)

Tip: make sure your water reservoir is large enough!
When your heated rooms is ventilated well you will need to add a lot of water to keep it at 50% (>3 liters per day)

You can calculate how much water you need:
1 decide how much air is refreshed with outside air / hour (you can find standards on the internet about healthy ventilation vs #persons (40m3/hr/person)
2 determine the desired inside temp and humidity
3 determine the outside temp and humidity on a freezy day
Use a humidity calculator (internet) to convert the m3/hr fresh air of outside temp and humidity to desired inside temp and humidity.
4 be shocked finding that you need 0.3l water/hr to keep the desired humidity

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