When Homey Update with Daikin

I want maid a flow when Homay update an restart my daikin they takes the room temperature.
Example I set 19 degrees and homey after update they take 25 degrees.
I try limit the temperatures but only the card when énergie change exist (sorry for my English)

Someone had an idea? Idea :bulb:

A few questions:

  • You want the room temperature to be 19 degrees?
  • After a restart or after an update, the temperature goes up to 25 degrees?
  • And you don’t want the temperature to go to 25, but you want it to stay at 19?

About the flow:

  • the card in your printscreen is ‘the energy has changed’. This is Homey energy usage. Why don’t you use Homey has started under system? (Homey a commence in French i think)

Another option is to save the 19 degrees in a tag:

Yes for the first part .
I don’t have this card in system…
An for the Tag you must explain because, I don’t know.


You have to turn on ‘power user’. Go to ‘More’ > ‘Settings’ > "Experiments’.

See the topic I added to my first post ‘Getting started - Logic variables’

Ok thanks for the advice😀 Yet I have the card.
Merci beaucoup :blush:


Thanks it’s :+1: