What should definately be in a Homey Pro review?

I’m going to write a review/walkthrough of the new homey pro as a Smart Home Hub (in Dutch). What should I definitely add and tell (new) users?

The right product description. “A Homey Pro” does not exist.

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Since it is your review, i would suspect what your experience is with the new homey pro 2023?

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The ability or inability to create, edit or delete user lock codes for door locks.

Is this related to homey or the user and or the products he/she tries to connect?

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That the new Honey Pro 2023 is still in beta, with all that comes with a beta product.
(Although my HP23 is quite stable and reliable!)


Both - I want to let people know what they’re getting into. The Best, good, bad and ugly.

The title will contain “Homey Pro 2023” to clarify things :smiley:

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Mine is stable as well. I will definitely mention this. Also, they have a forum, change log and more so I think the support is there as well. Like you said, it’s a Beta and should be mentioned like so. Will definitely do this

I’ll look into this!

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Tell people about the apps from community developers who spend their free time on it. Point them to the forum to ask questions or report bugs, show them the link in the apps description to the apps topic here on the forum and hint them the rating system is not there to report bugs.
While Homey Pro 2023 is a commercial product sold by a company I feel it really thrives on the commitment of the community and it’s developers.


What @DaneedeKruyff says…
And while you’re at it; perhaps hint to the link on the app page where one can donate to a developer…


I will add this for sure! It’s what makes Homey great and keeps the device alive and up-to-date!


Alles in Nederlands is perfect! Heb net de nieuwe HP23 ontvangen en heb een Homey Bridge. De bridge heb ik iemand anders beloofd en nu zit ik een beetje met de volgorde. Er staat niet zoveel in de bridge dus opnieuw koppelen is geen probleem. Eerst alles eruit halen en dan terug naar fabrieksinstellingen of iets anders? Alvast bedankt!

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Nederlands (Dutch)

As soon as you delete the bridge from Homey it will factory reset.
And also, this isn’t the right topic for this.

The possibility to connect a Hikvision Cam to create a smart detection system en commands

Thanks for all your input! I’ve made the review and included and referred the Community forum as a support/bearing for the Homey Pro 2023 and Homey in general!