Homey bridge can it be up Upgraded to pro

Hello, my name is tim, I have always been but into the how smart home stuff life the idea and it’s just fun. so I do not know much, well i knowing nothing. I got govee lights on sale, also I have a left over security system that’s ZWaze. so I was looking for a home hub and this thing come up the homey bridge and from what I saw in the add it was the one thing you will need to pretty run the world. it arrived and then I downloaded the app and boom homey pro is the new 2023 mother ship and the one I have is just more of an add on I have come to understand. I believe right ? So as you can tell I know nothing I am reading and learning, but thought I would just ask the people that know it best. Question was can I upgrade this to pro without buying that new one that’s 400 dollars more? or am I just holding onto a fancy light? lol but thanks for your time I really appreciate it.

Short answer: No