What is an enthousiasts?

I see the welcome to the Homey Community and this is where Homey enthousiasts share their Flows, apps & Use Cases.

Just not sure what an enthousiasts is :slight_smile:

Well, i am one of them!

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Well, at one point we all became enthousiasts reading all Homey could do for us. Some of the customers became even a believer, a devotee or a follower, and some of these folks ended as a moderator. Some are developers and have their share of worsehipers. After some time as a user you find that some of your devices can not be included and run by Homey, so you end up as a optimist or even a maniac spilling their guts all over the forum.
So, Homey brings out all kind of moods to the customers. It’s up to you, what you wanna be. :laughing:

It seems that you are saying an enthousiast is the same as enthusiast - just checking we are on the same page :slight_smile:

probbely a wrong typo i gues, enthousiast (dutch) enthusiast (englisch)

Noooo Enthousiast is perfect - its a Dutch product - I’m fine with Enthousiast!!

I was just wondering with it was some kind of HA inside joke or something - All good.

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Thanks, fixed the typo!