What does this mean: "Oops... that was not the device you were trying to remove"

I’m trying to remove a Fibaro dimmer (FGD-212) device, and Homey gives me this message:
“Oops… that was not the device you were trying to remove.
We’ve removed that device instead.”

What does it mean?

“that was not the device you were trying to remove” - Yes it was. I was clicking the paring button for the correct device!

“We’ve removed that device instead.” - which device does homey mean by “that”?? (It hasn’t removed the device I was trying to remove, so what has it removed exactly?)

I had the same twice: when removing the correct device the wrong message came is my conclusion

How did you get past it and remove the device?

I also got the I “it was removed anyway” and the device disappeared. Else you can remove it by doing nothing and it will be removed after 30 seconds (z-wave)

Well it wasn’t removed after 30s but I was able to remove it via developer.homey.app > zwave.

Among all the Homey poor UI usability, this is among the dumbest /error messages I’ve seen. Let’s hope somebody does a better job with it as some point.

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It means that the ID of the device you had in your hand was not a match with the device in Homey you tried to remove. It removed the device matching the ID.
Since you removed the device that was still there manually via the developer page, I think you now may have removed 2 devices.