What caused me to be "at home" while I was 200 KM away from home?

Location was once again off, I’ve got a new Homey so I did also have a new ID. And I had two types of url (for use in Locative):

  1. …api/app/com.internet/tag
  2. …api/manager/logic/webhook/event?tag=tag

I could not easily test which one works. So I had both. And location seems to work. But while I was 200 km away from home with the phones I got this.

(the 8 hours ago is the one I really left, the other two are ghosts)

And I also got this one

Maybe the last one, was an update for the hue bulb? Only this bulb has a flow attached to it. And it has a notification, which I saw.

But how does that location work. It’s kinda creepy.

Do you have a second mobile device at Home with a location setting ON ? that would be an option for your first issue.

If a Light is Off and you set in a Flow fe a Dim level (maybe also color?) the device is switched On by the Philips Hue App.
Also if I switch a Tradfri Dim On with the switch button in the App (or WebApp ) it is recorded as User (Me) switching it on from Mobile (Or Web).
If I Change the Dim level if the Light is Off it is Recorded as Tradfri App Switched the light on.

No. That is too obvious, I checked. I had all devices with me.

I am not sure what you exactly say in the second have. But there was no one home. I didn’t do anything in any app connected to hue.
And because of the switch on and off I guess it wasn’t that cat on the remote.

/edit: and what is the correct url, number 1 or 2?