Philips Hue problem


I have a strange problem with my Philips Hue light connected directly to my Homey, then only work while I’m in close proximity.

Sometime (not very often) it works as it should.
But most times it will only turn on/off while I’m within 1-2 meters from either my Philips hue light bulb or my Homey. If I’m further away I can’t turn it on/off with the app on my phone. Even the flows won’t work unless my phone is within 1-2 meter from either of them.

I don’t need to have neither Wifi or Bluetooth turned on on my phone. As long as I have either Wifi or mobile data turned on it works the same way.

Iv’e tried next to some of my other Zigbee routers but it doesn’t work, it have to be the bulb or the Homey.

Anybody have an idea what could be wrong? :slight_smile:

// Stefan

Hi Stefan.
Your phone does not talk directly with any hue bulb you have added to Homey so if you are experiencing that functionality differs between the physical locations within your home I would say you have issues with interference. It can be that your wifi and Zigbee networks interferre or anything else, say a fan or something else with a powerfull electric motor or transmitter.

A few things you can try:

  • See if you can move your router a bit and if something change, same with Homey.
  • Make sure they are not next to eachother or any other unit with a transmitter/strong electric current.
  • Try changing wifi channel to 1 or 3.

Hi Johan!
I know, that makes it even stranger that it works while I’m close to the bulb.

I’ve already played with my wifi-settings without any change, and I tried to move the bulb about 1 meter from my Homey with the same result.
But thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ve also tried to excluded the bulb, restart Homey and the Philips Hue app and re-add the bulb again, without any luck.
BUT, right after I wrote my post I tried that again, for the third time, and this time it seems to work better, so far it works so I hope for the best. :slight_smile:

Hi @johan_bendz

Sorry to say but my strange problem is back…

And it doesn’t help if I move both my Homey and the Hue even further away to a place with less possible disturbance from outer electronics…

Any more ideas?

Regards Stefan