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Hi everyone,

Another question from a new Homey user. I like to know how Homey recognises me when I get home. I get the message that I left my home when I am about 300 meters from my home. This means when I take a walk and I am 300 meters away from my home it will say that I left home. It also means when I am walking back and reach ± 300 meters my home it says I am back home. So I would like to know the following:

  • How does Homey recognise me that I am reaching home (smartphone???)
  • Can I adjust in a setting that he should say when I am in a range of 25 meter or above that I am away from home?
  • I added my wife also as a Homey user but I never get the message that she is in or outside the home. What can I do to fix that?

I appreciate all the help on this forum and hope that some people can help me out.

Thanks in advance

Homey uses the location features (GPS) of your phone. Homey cannot set the radius for the presence. Other apps have this feature, but in general most advise not to go below 200mtr because the accuracy of GPS varies.

There are other presence detection apps that use e.g. wifi or bluetooth beacons that allow for closer detection, however especially for leaving they often use delays to make sure there are no false detections.

Your wife should be a separate user in Homey, have the Homey app logged in as that user and also have location detection in Homey turned on. Also make sure the phone does not kill te app to save battery. Some people seem to have problems with IOS 15, so maybe search for that on the forum as well if she owns a recent iPhone.

In Homey you can react to individual users presence, and also use things like last user left or first user came in. I am not sure what kind of notifications you use, so I cannot tell if the problem is the notifications rather then the detection.

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Here ya go:

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