Home/Away detection


Before 2.0 GPS detection worked perfectly. Homey could unlock my door when I arrived at home by triggering ring doorbell motion sensor. And never any wrong reports of who was home or not. But now, home/away detection is very buggy, and also I cannot adjust geofence range. And because of that, Homey detects I am home too soon. (And also it detects me home and away 3 times every time I arrive or leave, because the main road kind of goes in a circle around my house.

I have tried the HomeKit workaround with virtual devices, but same problem there, cause in HomeKit range is automatically set to 100m radius, and I need 50! Also tried the smart presence app, but I could not get it to work properly… To advanced for me to set up properly I think.

Any advice, anyone?

The best advise i can give you…. is to try the search option on the forum and you wil find a lot of options and topics. Its sadlly a known problem with homey.

Yep, try the search option like Roy mentioned. Lots of info to be found.
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