How to adjust range in homey pro early 2023 built in home away detection

How to adjust range in homey pro early 2023 built in home away detection :question:

I use iPhones and have the exact position on for Homey app :+1:

The geofencing radius is not adjustable in the Homey build in “Home/Away detection”.

If you want to adjust the distance, it’s possible to use alternative geofencing apps like Geofency, Owntracks etc…
Geofency works with WebHooks and some simple flows. For Owntracks there’s a Homey App with flow cards available (App Store, Community).
For both variants the Homey build in “Home/Away detection” must be deactivated.

Locative is another option, never failed on me since 4 years now.

Or Life360. Rins on both Android and iOS…
Very reliable too, and with extra functions like monitoring phone battery, movement, other locations (work, school, etc)….

Thanks for all the tips and tricks.

I made a solution “Home/Away detection” and with Philio ( Slim Multi-Sensor PST02-A 4:1 )
Detection when the front door opened, while not sensing IR-detection on the inside door.
So no one opens the door from the inside and false detection.

Also run WiFi “Net Scan”, fixed IP addresses on Mobile Phones that connect to the network when someone comes closer to home (hopefully).

Rule for if someone is home or first home…
A bit tricky with 5 people :yum:

Will also send a request to Athom Homey about the possibility of setting the detection area :+1:
Does anyone have a good suggestion on where to send my wishes at Athom Homey?

Maybe it’s good that there are more of us who push with requests 🫨

Sounds like you should try the Homey app “Smart Presence”.

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NetScan is the basic version of Smart Presence :wink:

Yes, without first person arrived, first household member arrived, somebody at home, last person left…

Yup, that’s what I meant by basic :wink:

Thanks I will try Smart Presence :+1:

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