Enhance the localisation option


Possibility to change the radius of presence detection.

Possibility to add more locations to detect presence in it.


Now possible with iOS shortcuts

If you mean Homey’s own geofencing: The native Homey location radius is not adjustable as far as I know.

No, they have introduced a new feature with the latest iOS app version. They now can interact with shortcuts or in Dutch “opdrachten”. With this you can set it to a minimum to 100mtr.

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Yes i mean the native Homey location.
When i walk my dogs arround my house, i don’t want to disable all my heating systems because Homey think i’m out.
And it would be interesting to detect me on my way back from work to start heating system earlier than when i’m at home.
I saw an app that can do that but not integrate as well as the native Homey location.

Didn’t know that’s possible now on ios :wink:
Thanks Martijn!

Ah i see, Jeremy. For that “I’m away, but still near the house” range, I use the push notification “Send a push acknowledgement” card.
If I don’t respond, or select ‘No’, I’m not marked as Away.
It’s not what one wants, but it’s a workaround.

My ‘Away’ flow:

For me it works with Macrodroid Geofence, or Owntracks combined with the Location & presence app.
With Macrodroid, you can set a range you like, but max 5km.
With one macro, you can turn up the heating when you’re within the 5 km range, and mark yourself AtHome when you’re f.i. within the 500m range.
I use a closer range, it marks me home if one of my wifi SSID’s is in range.
It sends a webhook to Homey, works fine!

There is one thing. There is always a confirmation required to set your status to away or home, this is IOS behavior. That obviously sucks chocolate balls…

For IOS: Locative! Adjustable from 10 meters to 50km!

seems almost like an advertisement… :sweat_smile:

It is!

Setting the radius has it’s uses, but isn’t a grace period more what you need? Because if you’re at the neighbours for 4 hours, you might want the heating turned off even though you’re close. And if you drive of 5km to buy beer and drive straight back, you might not?

It does depend on how well isolated your house is though. Mine is pretty well isolated. If I go for a walk the robot vacuum goes to clean the bedroom floor and the heating turns off. But the effect isn’t noticeable after 20 mins. So I’m fine with a small radius. It makes sure the bedroom floor is clean without me hearing the noise, while still keeping warm :slight_smile: .

True that. Very big chocolate balls!
That’s why I wrote:

And the fixed range is the big limitation of Homey geo.
With Macrodroid you can set a geo range of 5kms max, but you can also use gsm location, or “a spot” on the work-home route which triggers the heating system f.i.
Or, with Owntracks you can save locations and set their range. F.i. a 100kms is possible.

Hummm that’s super cool !
Didn’t know this feature.
So if i don’t respond, is it a Yes or a No to the question ?
And if it is a No, it don’t run the Then ?

Thx, Jeremy. It can also come in handy with automatic “go to sleep” flows. F.i. when your “sleep” flow has been triggered, it only proceeds after you pushed Yes. And this can be an hour later f.i.

  • Ignore Q = pause flow until Yes or No —> if flow is triggered again, a new push acknowledgement is being sent (tested!)
  • Answer No = cancel continue flow, but fire ELSE action cards
  • Answer Yes = continue flow

@jeremypsl Tested! I ran a flow every 4hrs, and ignored the push ack:

Well, i tested location & presence app, not really working for me, my wife is often not detected…

Possibility to change the radius of presence detection in Homey can be a very interesting option for me ! :heart_eyes: