What can i do with Homey Pro?

i’m approaching to buy a Homey Pro but before buy i want to be sure that i will be able to comply my needs.
I’ve searched into the forum but i haven’t found what i need or i don’t know how to search it properly.
This are 3 points that i really need and i can’t understand if could be done:

  1. Control house loads (or at least 6 loads) so as not to exeed a maximum consumption threshold (i’ve thought to use shelly em + shelly 1pm + fibaro plugs or similar);
  2. Install 4 new tado thermostat wired to control floor heating on winter and on summer use thermostat to control Panasonic Aircon (actually i use comfort cloud app), i would like to use the thermostat’s humidity sensor to change the cool/dry mode of aircon automatically and set the set point temperature;
  3. In bathroom use the thermostat to control floor heating and use the thermostat’s humidity sensor to run extraction fan when humidity is over 65%, both things only on winter.

If anyone could tell me if this things could be done it would be great!
Any suggestions for an alternative to tado thermostat or to other devices are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

To control your devices with homey you need a homey app.
You can check this page for apps

The panasonic comfort cloud is supported but check out if your thermostat is supported bu that

Shelly is also supported

Tado is also supported. Check if your devices are supported by this app