Welcome screen on my TV

i want to build something when i’ve planned a meeting with a client, homey gets the name of the client out of my agenda, and creates a welcome screen on our tv at the entry.

So as an example:

  • i plan a meeting in my agenda on sep 10 at 14;00 with (name: Max Schuppert)
  • 15 minutes before the meeting starts, homey sends a flow to the chromecast to turn on the tv, and make a welcome screen (i guess we need a seperate app for this).
  • The tv turns on, and the tv shows: Welcome (Max Schuppert)
  • 45 minutes later, homey will turn off the tv.

Can anybody help on how to make this work?

Homey can cast a web page to Chromecast;
Homey can run a web server (Micro Web Server app);
With iCalCalendar app, Homey has appointment driven automation possibilities;
Homey has to be able to turn your tv on/off (using an app, or using the build-in IR remotes);

Here’s an example I made a while ago (without calendar events, but that’s just making the right flows for your usecase).

It casts a HTML info page with dynamic content:

iCalCalendar how-to: