Google Calendar on TV screen in the morning

I am quite new to this. Have tried to do my due diligence before asking in the forum.

I would love the opportunity to have google calendar cast to my TV.
I have a Samsung smart TV, and also a google chromecast - so in my opinion it should be doable, but I dont have the know-how.

What I want is for my TV to turn on in the morning before I get into the livingroom and show todays calendar. (I already know how to get the TV on - and also the chromecast app )
I know there are options for having the calendar read for you by a google home speaker, but I am only interested in having it on a screen where I eat my breakfast.

If there is any solution to this already I appreciate the information, if not - concider this an excellent idea for someone more tech-savvy than myself :smiley:

Not to advertise Google any further, but this is why they invented the google hub

I use DAKboard. Works like a charm. :slight_smile:


I was searching a while for a good way to do this. DAKboard looks nice, going to give that a try.

Are you using a free account?

At first I was using a free account, but I ended up paying the small fee for the full version.
I am using it on my bedroom TV, showing weather, calendar and travel time to work :slight_smile:

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Me too works great!

Thanks for the tip @Jahn_K, works and looks great!

@Jahn_K @Upsilon
DAKboard looks great, but are you able to get this on your TV screen without any other hardware?
I have a smart-TV (and chromecast), and the Athom - and would prefer that to be enough. The more things I need to connect to the smart-house the bigger the risk of something going wrong.
Everything needs to be 100% wife- friendly.

I believe that is impossible… :stuck_out_tongue:


Got it working with DAKboard and Homey + chromecast.
Exactly what I wanted!! Great!!
Thank you @Jahn_K!

Happy to help. :smiley:

Got this:


I would like do the same but can you please say me how you connect dakboard to chromecast. Big Thanks

You get an personal URL link in DAKboard. Just cast this URL.