[APP] DakBoard client

I am in the process of finalizing a new app for updating DakBoard (DAKboard - A customizable display for your photos, calendar, news, weather and more!) widgets from Homey.
It uses the Dakboard API which means you need to have a PLUS subscription.
Also please note that the DakBoard API is rather limited so what can be done is likewise limited.
It currently supports disabling(hiding)/enabling widgets as well as updating the text of widgets.

Please let me know if there is any interest and/or anyone have feature requests…

App is now live: DakBoard App för Homey | Homey
Test version (Homey Pro 2023): DakBoard | Homey

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can be very interesting, can you show some pictures of how the Homey widgets with text/values look?

It is essentially just text blocks so not very fancy.

I marked all widgets controlled by Homey with red squares.
To the left: The red square with windows is only showed when any window is opened and shows a list of opened Windows.
Lower part has two text boxes with average zone temperatures as well as min/max.

There are some fancier widgets (like meters) but in essence DakBoard is rather limited in what you can do via the API so not sure how much more stuff can be done.

// Michael Medin

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Looks realy good. But the pro costs 30 dollars a month

Sorry plus not pro… That is still $10 though

No go for me, thanks for the info.


the whole family uses dakboard at home och several screens.

Is’t possible to see if a door is locked or not?

show images from cameras?

If you have sensors for that data I guess… I have window sensors on all doors and windows, Then I have the following flows: https://homey.app/f/-uLVii and https://homey.app/f/bf4Wii
One sets the text to a coma-separated list of all windows/doors (filtering out things like mailbox, closets and such) the other disables the block when all windows are closed.
Same would work for locks if your lock reports that.

As for images from cameras, currently not, and not really sure homey would be the right solution for that, probably easier to show an i-frame directly in DakBoard or some such…

I have pushed the code to github here: https://github.com/mickem/medin.name.dakboard if anyone wants to test it before I get the app through the validation process…

The app is now live: https://homey.app/sv-se/app/name.medin.dakboard/DakBoard/

Tks for the effort @Michael_Medin!
I’m building my Dakboard with touch capability and a full integration with Homey to control smart devices would be a game change to everyone struggling to have a proper wall mounted dashboard. There is a huge gap in that sense that neither player managed to cover, homey, apple, amazon, SmartThings, etc

Humm… Is that possible with dakboard? As far as I know dakboard does not support touch? Would be awesome for sure, been dreaming of a good wallscreen for decades :slight_smile:

It should be as it allows touch on some blocks, such as Spotify widget where you can play, stop, etc.

I’d pay hundreds of beers to you to partner up with their GitHub project to make it happen, count on me for anything in that sense!

Hi @Michael_Medin,

Really like your app!
Are you planning to update this app so it will be supported on the new Homey Pro 2022?

For sure once I get mine… But I was not expecting any big changes really… Unless I am mistaken or should be pretty much the same?

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I dont know tbh. But i see a lot of developers updating thier apps to SDK3

once I get mine…
no need to have the new Homey, the old one also suports SDK3.

New version in testing DakBoard | Homey which supports Homey Pro 2023. It is submitted so once Homey Have a look it should go live… In team mean time you can use the test build and let me know any issues.

This version also adds support for enabling/disabling as well as seeing/changing text in the app. This however requires you to re-add your devices due to how homey works.

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