Weird behaviour on flows

Hi, I am a new user with some experience in flows outside of Homey Pro.

I just set it up last week and noticed some weird behaviour.

When I set up a flow like: when my honeywell passes 24 degrees, i want my sunscreen to close. It works perfectly.

When i create a follow up like: when my honeywell passes 24 degrees, i want my sunscreen to close and when it is 8 pm, i want them to open up again…

Only last the last part works. It wont close at all, but will open at 8 pm.

I tried a basic flow, an advanced flow… same result. Am i missing something? Because when i create both actions in differents flows… they both work perfectly.

Maybe share print screen of your flow? Did you use 2 flows (one open / one closing)?

It sounds like you use two different events to trigger the same flow. No idea how you did realise that (cannot even be realized in normal flows) so show your flows.

This is basically it (In Dutch, but no problem for you)

It used to be one flow, now I separated them in 2; 1 for closing, 1 for opening. But I would like sequences/logic per item in one flow to keep the amount of flows down.

No problem indeed; it is like rmb said. One flow is one trigger. The flow will not wait until sunset to continue. If you test it you can see what the flow does. The flow you shared will only close directly after opening in case it got warmer than 24 degrees after sunset (hopefully this will not happen in the Netherlands)

So you have to work with 2 triggers to start the flow. With closing after sunset you can check if it is ‘down’

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