Webhook for Linktap Water valve


I just bought a linktap G2 smart water valve which is working fine. Only issue I have is to create a working webhook.

I have to admit that I have zero experience with webhooks.

How to from the vendor:

What I created:

Code is:

“username”: “Danielweb”,
“apiKey”: “1b2a8d464e6xxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“gatewayId”: “963E28xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“taplinkerId”: “914D41xxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“action”: true,
“duration”: 2,
“eco”: true,
“ecoOn”: 1,
“ecoOff”: 2

I dont’t even get an error message.

Any idea what is wrong?

thx Daniel

The body in your screenshot and in your text are completely different.

Also, the body in the screenshot isn’t valid JSON.

sorry you are right the screenshot isn’t matching. I just copied the code and pasted it like it is into the body field

Can you show a screenshot of the flow card with that code pasted into the body field?

Still not valid JSON, you’re using smart quotes (“…”) instead of normal quotes ("…"). Try this:

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thanks a lot!

It still doesn’t work with the homey internal tool but with the app http requests flow cards it works :slight_smile: