Weather Open Meteo 'AND' card needed?'


I question about using Weather Open-Meteo (by @spkesDE) cards in the middle of a flow.

I am using the card ‘If Maximum temperature is below 18deg’, but only as a condition for the flow too continue (flow has establised that showering is started, ventilator is started, but heating in bathroom should only be turned on (drying the towels during cold weather) if the max temp on the current day is below 18 deg C).
I believe therefore I need an AND card.

The only card available is an IF card. Bummer, current use in my flow does not work (ref: picture)

In the picture the triggers of ‘showering is ongoing = true’ is joined with an ‘all’ card with the test if the max temp of the day is below 18degC).
My assumption was that maybe not works, if at the start of the day this card (which is about the max temp of the current day) generates the value true or false during the whole day. Apparently not.

Any ideas how to solve this?


I suspect you don’t understand how the different flow cards (If / And / Then) and logic cards work.

The flow card Maximum temperature kleiner… is a If/When or Trigger card. This card starts this flow when the max. day temperature drops below 18 °C. And only then this card is triggered and the flow is started. So it’s not a condition card (And).
An ALL card after a trigger card (If/When) never works, please have a look at this topic.

What you need is a trigger, that recognizes when you start showering, e.g. a humidity sensor or a switch button. Then turn on ventilator. And (condition card) max. day temperature is below 18 °C then turn the heater on. The condition card can be a card from the app, but usually logic cards inkl. tags must be used. Perhaps this support article will help you to understand it.

If you need further help, please let us know.


Thanks @DirkG . You’re right, I did not have the full understanding yet, thanks for your tips.

In fact I was looking for an AND card but the app did not provide it and didn’t know what to do - so used this card, resulting in a non-functional setup.
Especially your tip to use logic cards to create the AND card I needed did the trick.

Many Thanks!