Waterlevel sensor diy solution

I have read many posts here regarding water level sensors which are needed, and not often a proper solution was available.

As I have a balcony, I don’t have a fixed watertap outside. Therefore I use a small 12 liter watertank which feeds my solar powered waterdrip system. This will water my plants on the balcony fully automatic (not smart :frowning: ).

The watertank is hidden from view, so I wanted to get a notification if the tank is on 25% capacity remaining.

What I used:

  • Aqara doorsensor
  • Float switch stainless steel (Ali express)
  • Small waterproof housing

I have drilled a hole in the watertank and mounted the float switch. It comes with gaskets for a tight seal.

Removed the magnetic strip from the Aqara doorsensor and soldered the cables from the float switch to the sensor. Mounted the sensor inside the waterproof housing and used velcro tape to stick it to the outside of the watertank.

With the aid of a flow, I am getting a notification when the sensor gives a contact alarm, which tells me that the watertank has 25% capacity remaining.

So … if you are not afraid to drill a hole in your (larger) water tank, you can easily do the same :slight_smile: .


Float sensor visible inside the watertank:

Sensor mounted on the outside of the watertank: