WATER LEVEL SENSOR 2020 - List and yours !?

Hello everyone,
Looking in the forum, i never found any answer/solution, so here i am making a request and helping you help us !

I need a water level sensor NOT a flood detector. i need to be able to measure the level of water so that when the sensor sees level of water in the pool is too low, then start the pump.

I made some research and here is what i found that :

1/ NETZHOME water level sensor - https://www.nasshk.com/wt13
-> seems cool it s in wifi but no homey app and no ifttt

2/ https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/32945369233.html?spm=a2g0w.search0302.3.149.51e93696Ty0Q0B&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_0,searchweb201603_0,ppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=0ca94f9c-95a3-4f26-9a4a-37672782528b&algo_expid=0ca94f9c-95a3-4f26-9a4a-37672782528b-21

That one is not stupid but is 433mhz so not so reliable and need to remove it everytime i jump in the pool…

3/ does anyone know if it spossible to reverse water flood dector like that one ?

the idea would be something like : IF water then ok ELSE start the pump

Hope you share readymade ideas ?
Have a nice day

Hello @mattrix,

welcome to the forum.

I recommend you to read the following topic. It describes also where you should post App Requests.

I read but my brain can’t understand. I am looking for a device not an app. Of course i need a device with an app ! So i wonder how one can separate device and app.

So you want to detect when your water in the pool gets too low?

Maybe a stupid suggestion but since you asked if you can reverse the functionality of a flood sensor…
What if you just put the flood sensor at the desired depth in the water? It will be in alarm, and when the water gets too low the alarm will stop, so you know the water is too low.
You can use a flow ‘when the alarm’ turns off to turn on your pump :slight_smile:

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Sorry, then I didn’t understand you because you have listed 3 devices for which there are no apps. It is possible to make an app request for these devices… :man_shrugging:t2:

But there is also a level sensor supported by Homey: Oilfox

EXACTLY what i thought. But how will the battery be handled ? Does it mean the device is always in alarm mode since it is designed for that (as it is just the app that says the contrary ?)
And do i have to think of a delay for which the flood sensor has to be dry before it launches alarm?

With most sensors you can reverse the state of the alarm under “advanced settings”.
Perhaps that is the same for a flood sensor.

Not with my Everspring and Fibaro water sensor.

Well that’s a TED exclusive setting :wink:

The Fibaro Flood Sensor can be used with an external power supply. And the Flood Sensor can be equipped with an additional cable (max. 3 meters long).

Door- and Window Sensor? Or what doe TED mean?

Do make sure that you have a flood sensor that’s built to be permanently submerged (or get one that has the possibility of using an external probe).

Ted (@TedTolboom) is the developer of the Aqara app.
So these devices have reverse logic state. That is what he meant.

The Aqara water sensor will be implemented in his new app for Homey v5. And then you can use it in reverse “mode”.

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But you can’t submerge them in water permanently.

If that is the case it will be useless :confused:

Then this kind of sensor would be perfect with the reverse option

Am happy to see i am not the only interested but it s amazing to see there is NO ready product for that…
I will keep checking out…

Why should this not work?

Not sure about the application area and thinking outside of the box…

Why not use a cheap door sensor, where the magnet is in a tube (with floater) and the sensor above the highest water level?

Hello Henk_renting,
With which devise do you have that reverse option ?

That is an Aqara door sensor.

Ted’s idea could work perfectly.
Or use an ordinary doorsensor (like Aqara) and solder a (non-corrosive) feeler with a lead onto the contacts of the reed (magnetic) contact.
When the two contacts are shortened by water the alarm goes off and when they get disconnected (because water level is too low) the alarm is reset.

That way you do not need to invert too.
Just make sure everything is watertight, but that cab be done easily.
And sensors are cheap (like Aqara) so you can simply replace it when needed.

I am considering to make a water level sensor based on a floater with a changing grey-scale, a small light source (LED) and a Xiaomi light-sensor. I will stick the light source and light sensor to the fixed world and put the floater with changing grey scale in the water such that it is in sight of the LED+sensor.
I plan to power the LED from the mains with a 5V adapter. The advantage should be that one has a continuous readout of the water level, so no discrete steps as you would in case of switches. And it is dead cheap :slight_smile: