Wall plug reporting back ON or OFF to Homey

I have a motion sensor (NEXA 433 MHz) that is connected to a Wall plug (Nexa 433 MHz).
The wall plug is connected to a normal LED light.

When the motion sensor is triggered and the light turns on, I also want the wall plugg to be set to ON in the Homey App. (if it is actually turned on, not just a “fake” solution that sets the unit in the homey app to ON, if that would be possible,…)

As it is now it does not sync.
Do I need a different wall plug? Different protocol? Or what am I missing?

Sensor: Rörelsevakt, System Nexa LMDT-810 | NEXA
Wall plug: System Nexa plug-in, MYCR-2300 | NEXA
Sorry for the Swedish pages :slight_smile:

The 433 MHz stuff is generally one-way, so no status. A Trådfri plug from IKEA is about as cheap as you can get, albeit a fair bit clumsier than the Nexa. Any supported ZigBee, Z-Wave or WiFi plug should do though.
You would have to set it up so that the motion sensor triggers flows on Homey to switch the plug on and off.

Probably you have “learned” the wall socket the code off the sensor. You have to remove this sensor code from the wall socket, pair both to homey and make a flow like “when motion detected then switch on lamp”. The the status of the lamp/wall socket is shown in Homey. Also when you switch the lamp on by clicking on the tile.