Trigger on connection/power on to homey or wired small PIR sensor

Is there a way to set a trigger if a device connects to homey or gets powered on? I have some homey oconnected devices that get only get powered based on a sensor that cannot be connected to Homey.

I have a zigbee light and a zigbee ledstrip that are behind an old fashioned/non-smart PIR sensor. Both turn on/get powered only when the PIR sensor senses movement. The advantage of this ‘stupid’ PIR sensor is that it checks for motion every second and I can set a brightness treshhold and timer (podmeter). Next to that it is cheap and fits nicely in the wall where you normallywould have a light switch. Details of the sensor: LED PIR Bewegingsmelder/Sensor Inbouw Wand
Disadvantage is that I can not control/connect to the zigbee devices when they are not on, because they will not have power. I want to change the color and brightness based on the time of the day.

I tried making a flow that triggers on ‘turn on’, waits a few seconds and changes brightness and color. This flow doesn’t get triggered at all. Is there a way to trigger a flow in homey when a device gets powered or connects to homey?

An alternative would be a connected/smart sensor, but so far I have only found 1 smart sensor that checks the environment on motion every second. This is the aeotec multisensor 7 (if powered by USB). It is a bit expensive and too big to replace my PIR sensors in the wall. Do you you know a simple small wired PIR sensor that connects to homey?

I would suggest something else: disconnect the Zigbee devices from the PIR entirely (and connect them to a permanent power source), and use the PIR output as the input for a Shelly 1. That way, the PIR will “switch” the Shelly and you can use flows to trigger on that switch to turn on/off the Zigbee devices.

Make sure to put the Shelly’s switch input to “Detached”, otherwise it will keep on toggling its internal relay.

There is a difference in detection motion every second and sending messages every second. I have motion detectors, sending updates every 1 minute, and lamps connected to HP2023, and the lights switch on within a second.
States updates every second is a waist of bandwidth and CPU power, and only required when you need On/Off switching intervals of 1 second. I cannot imagine that is your requirement.

I am able to control the zigbee devices when they are powered (color and brightness).
The ledstrip: AduroSmart Eria
GU10 zigbee LED spot:
producer ID: _TZ3210_ejctepku product ID: TS0505B

Hi Robert,
Nice suggestion. I didn’t think about this option.
For this option I need:
1 the lights (zigbee led-strip and led spot) to be continiously power. Currently there is only a blue (neutural) and black wire (schakeldraad). No brown wire (phase/live) wire.
2 The shelly 1 itself should continiously be powered (Shelly 1 WiFi inbouw schakelaar | Home2Link). Behind the current PIR sensor there is no space for the Shelly.
The first point where the black wire (schakeldraad) from the PIR sensor gets out of the wall/ceiling is at the location of the lights. But at the lights I don’t have a brown (phase) wire.

A way to solve the problems above is to put a brown wire next to the black wire from the PIR to lights and put a shelly next to the light on the ceiling. I don’t think my wife will like it :wink:

I have several of these PIR sensors (hallway, toilet, garage, attic, storage room,…), so preferably I get it working with a software/configuration change. When the PIR sensor powers on the zigbee devices they are connecting to Homey automatically. Is there a way to trigger a flow when this happens? I have a Homey Pro 2023.

No, there isn’t, because Homey doesn’t necessarily know if a device is “connected” or not.

Did you connect the sensor directly to the lights without Homey in between? Which sensor do you use?

My requirement: I walk into a room (bathroom, storage, hallway, …) and the lights turn on directly (within 3 seconds). Two minutes after the last motion detection the lights turn off again.
For my bathroom I have an additional requirement: The brightness of the lights depend on the time of the day.

I have a working solution for my bathroom: Aeotec multisensor 7 with zigbee dimmer.
I did this with a flow in the Homey that triggers on the multisensor motion and turns on the zigbee dimmer and brightness is set based on the time.
I assume here that data/sensing information is send very frequently from the sensor to homey and homey turns on the lights if needed.

No, of course not. Otherwise a flow is impossible.
I use KaKu AWST-6000 and others, light dimmers, hue and wall outlets. As trigger I use Zone Activity.
As soon as motion is detected, the sensor sends a message.