Can Homey detect a light when it comes online?

I have IKEA Trådfri lights which I’ve scheduled to dim in the evening. When going to bed sometimes I or someone in my family use the physical button on the wall to turn them off.

I’d like to set up so that their brightness is restored for when we turn them on next day. Is it possible to detect when a device comes online? Optimally I’d like to create a flow that says:


  • Device ABC comes online on the Zigbee network


  • Set brightness on device ABC to 100%

Is that possible? If not, are there any smart workarounds?

Kinda off topic but. I don’t know if the app for your lights would be capable of it. I guess you need to ask the developer of the respective app about that.

I am using LIFX. Those remember their last setting and my LIFX app also has trigger cards for the lights going offline of coming online. So I’d claim that it basically should be possible but needs to be supported by the respective app.

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LIFX are WiFi-devices though, aren’t they? In that case, the app handles connections.

With Zigbee, Homey’s core handles connections and from what I know an app doesn’t know if a device goes offline/online. So there should be a global action card “a device came online” (which, AFAIK, doesn’t exist).

Thanks Robert. Yeah, that sounds like the kind of feature I’d want to see.

Using the hue bridge with hue lights it works out of the box. :grinning:

LIFX Lan protocol is mostly broadcast package based but you are basically right @robertklep
It is rather easy to detect missing devices there. Didn’t know it is such a hassle with Zigbee.