Trigger for when zigbee device becomes available?

I’ve got a trådfri bulb at the dinner table. I dimmer this when the TV turns on in the evening (with som extra logic). All fine!

But my family usually turns the bulb off with the wall switch. Then in the morning when we turn it on again it’s still dimmed down.

So to the question, can I trigger a flow when the bulb becomes available (wall switch is turned on again in the morning) again? I’d like to automatically dim it up then.

Smart lamps like Ikea, Philips Hue etc. should not be disconnected from the power supply (by using the light switch).
By disconnecting smart lamps from the power supply these lamps are no longer available as repeaters. This can cause the ZigBee Mesh to be disturbed (at least for a while) and other Zigbee devices to stop working.

Unfortunately you don’t say which app you use for the Ikea lamps.
I don’t have Ikea lamps myself but Hue lamps. In the original Philips Hue smartphone app you can configure the power-on behaviour after a power interruption. I don’t know if this is also possible with the Ikea smartphone app.

I don’t if it is possible to solve the problem by a flow, sorry.

Yes, I have a Flow that detect when an lamp get Activated by a Trådfri sensor, guess it will be a similar thingy as your problem (since the senor is not know by homey in my case)

You can do a Flow like this:

When - > Lamp Activated
And - > [optional] time is between 03:00 and 12:00 [or TV Flow hasnt Activated the lamp]
Then -> Set dimlevel to 100%
Set variabel - > Lamp Activated by wall switch = True

Something like this will probably work fine

Maybe you can try this one:

But I didn’t tried it.

@fantross (and @manderber): Thanks for the examples. I agree that it’s not optimal for the network, but currently I don’t have that many zigbee nodes and its somewhat of a short term solution (until I install a dimmer wall switch instead).

I’m using the non-GW version of Trådfri (ådfri/).

I’ve tried similar flows like you suggested. But the problem is that it doesn’t seem to trigger “Lamp activated” when it is powererd on. I guess it has to be powered on and just switch state on the lamp to trigger that trigger.

That is why I’m looking for ways of starting a flow when a trådfri/zigbee/any device becomes reachable.

This was the last thing I tried with:

(I’ll look into if the default behavior can be configured, thanks for the tip.)

Better make it a smart switch!

That’s quite a bigger reason to not to interrupt the electricity of the lamp by switching it off.

Ok, than there is definitely none option to choose the power-on behavior after power interruption as it is possible with Hue lamps connected to the Hue hub.

Yes, this should be the point. So I guess there is no possibility without using a dimmer wall switch to solve your problem.
BUT: It’s not possible to use a electrical powered smart dimmer wall switch with your actual IKEA bulb!

  • Normal „dumb“ dimmable lamps —> electrical powered smart dimmer wall switch (e.g. Fibaro, Qubino, Shelly, Robbshop)
  • Smart dimmable lamp (e.g. IKEA) —> battery powered wireless dimmer (e.g. IKEA) (and don’t interrupt the electrical power!)